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Boone County Fair 4H/FFA Horse Show 2012

Please read the following ordering instructions carefully

Flag Ceremony

Use the tabs on the left to view the pictures. Within each day's tab there are links for each class. Clicking on the class name on the left will bring up all the proofs for that class. Many of the events have lots of pictures, and will take a while to load, especially on a slower connection. Please be patient while the proofs load. Once they have loaded the first time, they should be very fast thereafter.

After the pictures have loaded, you can update the larger image by moving your mouse over the thumbnails. The thumbnails can be scrolled using the scroll bar to their right. There should be pictures of every participant in every event (except trail classes). If you aren't seeing all the participants, and the photos have finished loading, please let me know - it may be that not all the photos were loaded properly.

These pictures are all unedited proofs, directly as they came off the camera, only smaller. When you order shots, they will be thoroughly edited first, and will look much better. Pictures will be straightened, lightened or darkened as needed, color corrected, and will have much more detail than you see in these proofs. Don't worry if the proof looks too dark or too bright, is crooked, or has a color cast, these will all be corrected during the editing process. The one thing I cannot correct is blur, either because of misfocusing or because of subject or camera motion. Please take this into account when selecting your shots.

Each of the proofs is marked with the image number (IMG_#### where #### is the image number). This is the number you will use when ordering prints. I have provided a form you can print out to help with ordering (click here). You can either mail the form to me (ArtSmith Photography, 504 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201) or send me the information by e-mail ( Please feel free to include any desired cropping or other instructions. Prints will be sent out within two weeks of your order.

Prints are available in a variety of sizes (below). The indicated prices include sales tax and shipping. Prints 8" x 10" and smaller will be shipped flat, larger prints may be shipped rolled in a tube. Prints will all come individually sealed in a clear plastic envelope with a cardboard backing. All prints are guaranteed indefinitely against fading, yellowing or other degradation. They should last decades under normal display conditions. If you would like any lettering on the print, please let me know what you would like it to say, what color you would like it, and where on the shot you would like it (e.g., "bottom center").

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, by e-mail or by phone (573-424-8486).

4" x 5"$ 7.00
4" x 6"$ 8.00
5" x 7"$ 10.00
8" x 10"$ 20.00
11" x 14"$ 40.00
16" x 20"$ 65.00
8 wallets$ 20.00
Wallets (2½" x 3½") can be mixed shots, but must be ordered in sets of eight.